Version Update – xSharePro 4.0

xSharePro 4.0

There is an ‘quite useful’ update in your most favourite script – xSharePro
The new version is 4.0 and the updates are simple and powerful.

Updates :

  • Earning Interval – Provide earnings daily, every ‘n’days or every ‘n’ hours and
  • Earning Credit Strategy – Credit the earned money instantly, every ‘n’ days or upon position completion


Then, you can set Total Cycles depending on the Earning Interval to decide the earnings.
Using these features, you can really bring huge dynamism to your site and make members invest more. There are many core and database changes so current script holders can’t upgrade to new version unfortunately. As they would already have members with positions in the site, new structure can’t fit perfectly.


We have one more news for you. There is a price revision with this update. You’ll get little less discount on this script price now. New price is – $177. But, don’t put your hand on the head yet – We have a freebie with this script for you. Yup. Its a 1-month DDoS Protected Hosting Package from (Zama D1 – Its worth $35 and includes 12 Gb Disk Space, 10 Gb DDoS Protection, 600 Gb Bandwidth and much more…Don’t forget its free for you.


All the new script purchases will have the new version now. By this, you are given one more reason to purchase script.
Just create a support ticket if you have any questions.


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