Version Update – xCyclerPro 2.0



New version of the script xCyclerPro is available now. Its Version 2.0 now.
There are lots of updates – most important being the SECURITY. Here is the list of the updates.


Updates :

  • Much better security of your sensitive data to prevent hacking activities
  • New password policy for members
  • Undecodable Admin Password – Hashing
  • Faster banner retrieval to load page faster
  • Admin – View member’s banner’s link by just clicking it from admin panel
  • Admin – Set value of Return amount between 0 to 100(Earlier 1 to 100)
  • Code updates as per new policy from SolidTrustPay


Patches Fixed :

  • Bug fixes in withdraw restriction function to prevent money exchanges
  • No site data to be stored in admin directory

For new users, now is the time to grab this.
For current ones, Just create a support ticket for more.


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